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PREORDER - Zaky Talking and Singing Plush Toy

RM 189.00

PREORDER - ETA 22nd October 2019

Zaky Talking and Singing Plush Toy was designed to be your child's adorable companion, keeping him/her entertained with Islamic beneficial knowledge and advice, through songs and heart-warming conversation.  

It features:

  • Talk To Zaky: Interesting talk by Zaky that promotes active engagement.
  • Zaky's Advice: Heart-warming reminders by Zaky to instill islamic values in children.
  • 5 Pillars of Islam: Introduction to the 5 pillars of Islam.
  • Learn Daily Dua: Recitation of basic daily dua for children to remember and practice.
  • Songs/Nasheed: 8 catchy songs to instill Islamic values and knowledge in children, including learning arabic alphabet.

A true unique, and innovative way to help children to learn about Islam.

There are 4 volume levels  - so don't worry about the noise.