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Yusuf Gajah's ABC

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There must be hundreds if not thousand of ABC books but this is different as it shows off Yusof’s much loved animals, like Elephants having fun, the Green Iguana and the Real Elephant, together with some of his other well known illustrations such as lollipop trees and fields of fantastical flowers. There is something for everyone in this book, from the very young stumbling over the alphabet to Yusof’s wide community of fans. 

YUSOF GAJAH has a deep and abiding love for children's books and working with children. While a busy artist, he has managed to write and illustrate a number of books for children and have won the National Book Council Award for best picture book and the Noma Concours (ACCU) award for best illustrations. His popular picture book, 'The Real Elephant' was first published in Malay and has been translated into Japanese. Its enduring qualities have enabled an English publication in 2010. He has also created the 'ELEPHABET' which continues to attract both children and adults.

Pick up Yusof Gajah’s ABC and you will know from the cover it is a very different ABC from the many other hundreds that you will have seen in the bookshop and online. All the letters of the alphabet are taken from Yusof’s ‘Elephabet’ and the accompanying pictures from many of his much loved children’s books. You won’t be disappointed when you open to the first page and see one of Yusof’s wonderful trees...

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