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What are the Numbers?

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This specially designed picture book is for preschool children to teach them reading and writing numbers 1 to 20. Instead of just using an image to indicate quantity, the authors have used images of flora and fauna in Borneo. The numbers are 'hidden' among the images. This aims to trigger the 4Cs - creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills in children.

An instruction manual is provided to aid parents and teachers to make full use of this book.

The authors of this book are professors from the Faculty of Psychology and Education, and the Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, University Malaysia Sabah and early childhood education experts:

Prof Dr. Vincent Pang holds a doctorate in education from RMIT University Australia. He is a professor of education at the Faculty of Psychology and Education, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He has conducted research and consultancy projects for UNESCO, UNICEF, Malaysian Examination Syndicate, State Public Service Training Institute Sabah and others.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Chong Mun is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He received his B.Sc (mathematics) and M.Sc (mathematics) degrees from Universiti Malaya in 1993 and 1995 respectively, and his PhD (economics) fromYokohama National University, Japan in 2003.

Dr Connie Cassy Ompok is an early childhood education expert and lecturer at Faculty of Psychology and Education, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. She has written many articles about pre-school education and early childhood learning in Mathematics. This picture book, What are the Numbers, won a silver award in PEREKA (UMS Invention and Innovation Competition) in 2016.

Ling Mei Teng obtained her Bachelor of Education with Honors (Education in Science) in 2008 from Universiti Malaysia Sabah; and her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in 2012. She is currently pursuing her PhD and her research interest is in psychometrics and student leadership.