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Until We Meet Again in Jannah (Paperback)

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No matter how hard Saira tries, the memories do not abate. She thought, after fleeing from her abusive husband Hamid and returning to her village, that life would go back to normal—but the villagers, men and women she’s known her entire life, shun her. When even her closest relationships crumble, Saira realizes sadly that her mother is the only friend she has left. 

Leaving her old life behind, Saira meets Omar, a wealthy businessman betrothed to another. He is everything she has never imagined—kind, handsome, compassionate—and she soon finds herself desperately in love. But great change and tragedy loom, and Saira will find herself plunged into a life she barely recognizes. Though she will eventually move to London, England, Bangladesh refuses to relinquish Saira’s heart—on even the darkest English days, she’ll think of Omar, of how at night’s end, dawn blossoms... 

Until We Meet Again… In Jannah is the moving and utterly human story of one woman’s defiance in the face of tradition. Saira’s journey of self-discovery is a testament to the binding powers of love and memory, and her tale is a must for lovers of contemporary and international fiction alike.

Pages: 288

Size: 13.34 x 1.83 x 20.32 cm

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