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Too Much Stuff! (Hardback)

RM 80.90
Too Much Stuff! (Hardback) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Marie Kondo is for the birds in this hilarious picture book about expectant magpie parents and the dangers of having too many things!

Magpies Meg and Ash want to build the perfect nest for their eggs. They use the usual mud, sticks, and grass, but are soon convinced that it’s not enough! Meg and Ash collect all kinds of things: cuckoo clocks, mops, socks, and and even a car, and put them in an ever-growing pile of what they might need to make a home for their chicks.  Their need for stuff seems endless. Until – crash! – the inevitable happens.

But as the tower of things grows more and more wobbly, the birds might just find out they have too much stuff!


32 pages.

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