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Minor Defect (Small dent): The Most Powerful Night (Hardback)

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Minor Defect (Small dent): The Most Powerful Night (Hardback) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Laila sits by the window under her twinkling lights that she and her mom had hung up together at the start of Ramadan. Her mother cracks the window open and a cool breeze sweeps Laila's curls off her shoulders. It's a beautiful Ramadan night!

"Mama, look!" exclaims Laila, "The moon is almost a crescent again!"

"Oh, I see that Laila!" says her mom. "You know, Laila, this means that we are in the last few days of Ramadan."

"I don't want Ramadan to be over, Mama. I'm going to miss it so much!"

"Oh my Laila, indeed, Ramadan is the most wonderful time of the year! Each year, it brings so many blessings upon us and all Muslims celebrating around the world. These last few days, though, are the best days of Ramadan."

“The Most Powerful Night” is a heartwarming Ramadan story of angels, sweet prayers and blessed nights! It is about the night of power and glory - Laylat Al-Qadr. This is a night so special that it only comes once a year. What is the Most Powerful Night, when is it it and why is it Powerful, are all questions Laila has. She wants to know everything about this beautiful night. Join Laila and her mom for this bedtime story of “The Most Powerful Night - Laylat Al-Qadr.”


40 pages.

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