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The Lost Princess + Supplementary Materials

RM 24.00

What a holiday! Iman, who is on holiday with her father, is lost in the thick rainforest of Sabah. Nobody has seen her father. Can she find her way back to the holiday cabin?

This beautiful book is part of the HIJAU series by Liza Shahida Ismail. The series aims to:

i. instill the love of nature amongst young children (3-8 years),
ii. open the minds of young children to a new world, and
iii. nurture the child’s logical thinking, social intelligence and empathy.

This book comes with 8 pages of supplementary materials with additional animal facts and activity sheets that can be duplicated.

About the author and illustrator:

Liza Shahida Ismail is passionate about stories. Growing up in multi-cultural Penang, Malaysia, she enjoyed exploring the nearby woods and streams with her friends. “Hijau” – the first series she wrote – was inspired by nature and the vibrant colours of the tropical rainforest. It combines fantasy and factual insights. She invites readers to let loose their imagination. Having worked for more than 20 years as a lecturer in a public university, Liza is happy to spend her days writing picture books.

Born in Malaysia, Nor Abdullah is a self-taught and versatile artist who now lives in Jeddah. She has successfully created children’s picture book illustrations, fashion illustrations, and designs for scarves and shawls for various clients, mostly in Malaysia. She also conducts floral watercolour painting workshops and personal art classes for children in Jeddah. Her first Road Tour Workshop (Picture Book) was held in Malaysia in 2018.