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Successful Family Upbringing Series 04 – The Adolescents

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The present volume of our series deals with adolescence and adolescents. It is true that much of what applies to a five-year-old and applies to a fifteen-year-old, but it is equally true that adolescence does involve some real difficulties that are unique to this stage. It is as if an adolescent is passing through a violent storm that needs special training and skill on the part of the adults around him/her. An adolescent is a child that is approximating or has gone beyond puberty. More specifically, adolescence covers three sub-stages; early-, middle-, and late-adolescence. Early adolescence starts at twelve or thirteen; middle adolescence starts at fifteen or sixteen; and adolescence lasts until twenty one or twenty two. After this, an individual is a young adult. You can say that adolescence parallels three educational stages; middle school, secondary school, college.