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Successful Family Upbringing Series 03 – Family Interactions

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“In this treatise, we wish to present certain concepts, tools and methods that will help the family to establish communication among its members; because next to Allah’s grace, it is communication that a family needs most to have mutual understanding, cohesion and success. And we would be unfair to ourselves if we find our families disintegrating before our very eyes, when there are several books and experiences that should have helped us to protect and make them choice families, happy and strong. I have tried to make this a good addition to what circulates around of literature on child upbringing available to parents. And because this work is addressed to a very wide audience, among whom are the educated and semi-educated, I have striven to see that my expressions are as simple as possible; even though expressing ideas that have philosophical content in very simple language could do some kind of injustice to their meaning. This is why his attempt of ours is bound to still be imperfect; but sufficient it is that I have tried to aim clearly and closely as best I can.”

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