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Successful Family Upbringing Series 02 – Child Upbringing

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It is noteworthy that there exist today, many educational books of good value as well as inferior ones; a fact that has caused many people to be confused in the choice of books to enrich their ability to train their children wisely and successfully. On the other hand, the list of needs that are considered necessary for education has now expanded very greatly. And we know well that when things considered to be crucial needs have reached a hundred or two, one naturally feels a weakness to confront the challenge of providing them; which may even cause one to turn away partly or completely. From this standpoint, my thoughts have been arrested by the need for me to discuss the master key in interacting with young people and training them, which is the mother. Perhaps by this, I will help my reader to possess and expand his latitude in understanding the psychology af child upbringing and its basic methodology.