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Sex and Sex Education

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What are children being taught about sex? What are they learning from peers, television, movies, magazines, computer games, pop music, popular culture?

Most parents are rightly alarmed by the increasingly controversial nature of the information being fed to children and how age-appropriate it actually is. This publications makes it easy for parents to understand and broach the sensitive topic of sex education.

Originally forming chapter thirteen of Parent-Child Relations: A Guide to Raising Children, it charts a way forward, helping parents to educate their children in a manner they feel appropriate and which maintains a sense of the sacred. 

The authors use a holistic approach to include what morality requires of humanity in this regard, and also focus on issues of healthy relationships, responsibility, emotional well-being, and good physical health. The publication is intended to give parents practical advice, using clear and precise information, to address some of the most common issues parents are likely to encounter and questions they are likely to face.