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Scholastic: Bookflix

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Subscription until November 2021.

Learning to Read, then Reading to Learn

Thematically paired fiction and nonfiction titles are designed to bridge learning-to-read and reading-to-learn. Animated classic storybooks introduce early learners to the delights of reading while sparking curiosity, creating a natural springboard into the paired nonfiction text for deeper discovery.

There are 140 pairs -  fiction stories (animated) paired with nonfiction stories (child read or read along). That means, there are 280 stories available for you kids.

1. Watch the story.

Where Stories Come Alive

Each Weston Woods storybook is brought to life through compelling narrators and delightful animations that ignite imaginations and pave the way for readers to begin a journey of deeper discovery.

2. Read the book.

Engaging and Authentic eBooks

Authentic nonfiction texts with embedded reading support tools, including a natural voice read-aloud with word highlighting and vocabulary hinting, guide students through complex or unfamiliar concepts while building skills and confidence.

3. Comprehension activities.

Cementing New Knowledge

With Puzzlers, BookFlix's built-in comprehension activities, students can put their learning to the test in fun and dynamic ways, making the reading experience even more joyful and rewarding.

4. Explore the web.

Extend Opportunities for Learning

Curious minds can explore more than 1,100 curated websites to safely dive deeper into a topic to further their learning.

5. Meet the creators.

Create Deeper Connections to Books

Within each BookFlix fiction and nonfiction pairing, students can read or listen to author biographies and be inspired by their journey and passion for books.

Subsription fee is RM 20/year.

You will receive an email that provides a link, username and password within 48 hours (working days).

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