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Parent-Child Relations: A Guide to Raising Children

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"Parenting is not a job to be underestimated or taken lightly. It has a huge impact on the type of society in which we live, and ultimately the type of civilization we leave fot future generations. As such, it should be given the utmost consideration and be made to priority."

Parent-Child Relations: A Guide to Raising Children is a 498-pages-easy-to-read book, authored by 3 knowlegable and experienced muslims - Dr Hisham Yahya Altalib, Dr AbdulHamid Ahmad AbuSulayman and Dr Omar Hisham, with 3 main objectives:

✔️ Emphasize the importance of good parenting in raising children and families, by making parental responsibility a duty and a top priority, not just theoretically but practically.

✔️ Show parents 'how' to acquire the necessary education and skills to implement proper parenting techniques in order to raise righteous citizens of firm character and sound morals, who  have the qualities needed to become the building blocks of society and future human civilization.

✔️ Finally, to help parents to create a happy, harmonious and functional family home environment, with supportive relationships amongst all the family members.

This book covers the topics from helping parents to set the good foundation, child development (includes human growth from birth to 60yrs and older!) to character building and personality. Best of all, it intertwines well Islamic perspectives with the recent parenting needs and challenges! 😍 (Rarely we can find people with knowledge of both worlds. Alhamdulillah for this book! ❤️)