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New Words In Action 1

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O c'mon! You definitely don't wanna miss this one.

ICYMI, humans evolve---so does language.

When we say evolve, words won't look the same as it used to be. We'd probably haven't even seen most of these words before, too.

You must've been pondering what does 'ICYMI' mean. Yup, it's one of the new words you should know!

'ICYMI' stands for 'in case you missed it'. Why don't you DISCOVER MORE about new words in this 'New Words In Action Book'? You'll be surely amazed!

Why people prefer this book?

1) Presents 180 words that have recently been added to the dictionary

2) Each word is clearly explained with a definition, example sentences, and a humorous, contextual cartoon in plain everyday English

3) Promotes reading and deepens understanding, and making the learning of what can be a tricky topic fun and effective for learners of all levels.

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