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Story book: Najma (Paperback)

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Najma loves stars. She wants to swim with them in the ocean-like sky and paint them in all their different shades and sizes. Mama, an astronomer, sets up her telescope and walks Najma through the life-cycle of stars; how they're born in clouds of gas and dust called Nebulae and how they end up as stardust that helps the universe grow. They talk about Allah as the Creator of the stars and thank Him for everything they love.

Full of curiosity and wonder, Najma is written in simple yet whimsical prose.

This picture book will lead your child to cosmic discovery upon discovery with a contagiously curious Najma and an awesomely, informative astronomer of a mama! The purply stellar, deeply enchanting illustrations, together with the rhythmic words of the author make for one of the best intergalactic tales in the Muslim Kid Lit world.

“Najma loves the stars. 

She loves it when they twinkle.”

She loves it when they shine”

Najma’s mom begins by telling her that the star its origin and all it does is because of Allah. Mom gives Najma a lesson on stem and astronomy in Najma’s bedroom and telescope. Najma learns about the nebula, protostar, clusters, constellations, giant stars, dwarf stars in a vey vivid way. Mama and her, even make a painting of the stars. Readers also learn at this point that the sun is actually a dwarf star. Najma later learns about supernovas, neutron stars and black holes. Little readers learn much about astronomical terms with Najma’s insatiable curiosity which strikes again at the end.

“But what are stars for? Najma wonders…

Mama’s replies are provide all the answers for Najma.

“Allah made the sun a star,

to brighten up your days,

to help your garden grow,

and to make your bones super strong.”

Mama continues to explain the many benefits of the stars to Najma and concludes the lesson on stars with the following words,

“From gas to stardust and everything in between,

Allah only said “Be!” and it was.

Allah made the stars for you to remember Him.


24 pages.

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