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My Midnight Flora Kit (Book + Kit Box)

RM 95.00
My Midnight Flora Kit (Book + Kit Box) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Limited edition, My Midnight Flora Kit  by Anak Rimba and Atom & Dot. 


Bats are one of nature's most misunderstood animals. They are our night time gardeners! Learn more about bats, their habitat and pollination.

Each box comes with:

  • Materials and instructions* for 3 accompanying activities. Sufficient materials for up to 3 pax.

*Instructions in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Activity 1 : Make Your Own Flora DIY Flora with pipe cleaners, googley eyes, paint and some recycled material.

Activity 2 : My Durian Flower Learn how bats pollinate durian flowers.

Activity 3 : My Midnight Mangrove Make a 3D diorama of Flora’s habitat. This one even glows in the dark!

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