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My First Reading Books (Girl)

RM 70.00

Studies show it's never too early to start reading to infants. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics notes that reading out loud to your kids starting from birth strengthens your parent-child bond and gets your baby started on important language and literacy skills. 

Infants love to imitate our actions, including the act of reading a book. When your child sees you flip a page of a book, he/she wants to flip a page too! When he/she sees you hold a book, he/she wants to hold a book too! But yeah, at this age (0-3), children love to explore with their senses - they do 'eat' books, and dip books in the water! 

These books allow your child to explore books with his/her hands, even with his/her mouth! So, worry less about the tendency of having 'damaged books', in sha Allah.   

My First Wudu book, is a water-friendly book, whilst the Quran Stories for Toddlers is a board book that is great for young children to learn to flip pages of a book. They both introduce Islam to your child in a child-friendly manner. Click each title to learn more about each book.

Click HERE for boy's version.

Watch an activity you can do with your child, using the book of My First Wudu Book, here: