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My First Letters (Malay) Personalised Cushion - Lowercase letters

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Young children learn through everyday play and exploration in a safe and stimulating environment. They learn best when they have warm, engaged and responsive relationships with their main carers. Children need a stimulating environment with lots of different ways to play and learn. They also need plenty of chances to practice what they are learning.  

Alphabet knowledge (knowing the names of letters and the sounds they most commonly make (e.g., “The letter ‘s’ makes  the sound ‘sssss’ like a snake.”)) has been identified by the National Early Literacy Panel (in the USA) as one of the pre-reading skills needed for children to be successful readers in elementary school. 

Hence, helping your child to acquire alphabet knowledge at early age while having fun benefits her a lot. My First Letters Personalized Cushion helps you to introduce letters to your toddler, informally. She could surely remember the names and sounds of letters better when she learns about them in the arms of her beloved mommy and daddy.   

You can also put your child's name on the cushion. She would certainly appreciate it greatly!

For shopee purchase: Please write your child's name in "Message to Seller" before checkout. 

  The cushion inner is included!   

This series comes in 2 designs: 

1) Lowercase letters (Malay) 

2) UPPERCASE letters (Malay)

Size: 15.5" x 15.5".

Cushion case material: 

1. Canvas (Picture 1)

2. Polyester (Picture 2)

Note: It takes within 7 working days to ship the order. 

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