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Messages from the Quran

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Messages from the Quran

You set out to sin. Suddenly a funeral pass by you, and you hold back. Your strength tempts you with weak injustice. You become ill. And you think you have lost the confidence in people, leaving you disappointed. Next, you learn a lesson: when you sin, your chest feels constricted. You then hear a verse that cheers you up. You are confused. A Prophetic Hadith, then, guides you. And everything is clear now.

“We hear, and we obey.” [Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:285]

Such are the Messages from Allah. Following its title, Messages from the Qur’an is for all who believe in Allah , the Highest, Who will always reach out to us.

Indeed, to Him, we do return.

Author : Adham Sharkawi

Pages : 288 

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