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Let's Build a Mosque!

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Children are always in awe of the construction sites. The big movements, the big machines, the many noises that come out, the busyness of the workers, it all accumulates into an amazing experience for a child.

This fascination of something amazing as this is part and parcel of our fitra (Arabic: فطرة‎) that Allah (عز وجل) put in us. To be in awe of the amazing world that he created. To remember him in and praise him of his lordship.

A construction site captures the attention of children and many children books have been created to celebrate this wonder of children. Unfortunately, most books are written by non-Muslims thus always excludes any mention of Allah as our purpose and only serve a worldly objective.

Worst-case scenario we have scenes of indecency or shirk.

This book is designed and made with the Muslim child at heart. To make the remembrance of Allah a norm and a tool for parents to spend time with their child.

Board book.

16 pages.

Dimensions (cm): 28.3 x 21.3 x 1.1

Weight (kg): 0.35

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