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Kita Jaga Kita Set (In the Rainforest and Batik Kit)

RM 58.00

This set consists of:

1. The book of In the Rainforest.

2. One (1) batik kit:

A) Burung Enggang (Hornbill) or

B) Harimau (Tiger) or

C) Badak Sumbu (Rhinoceros) or

D) Tapir or

E) Orang Utan or

F) Sun Bear or

G) Tenggiling (Pangolin) 

H) Wild Animals

Each batik kit has 1 colour pallette, 1 brush, 3 batik colourings, and a batik cloth with frame (20 cm x 20 cm). 

Click link if you wish to add more batik kit:

1. Burung Enggang (Hornbill) 

2. Harimau (Tiger) 

3. Badak Sumbu (Rhinoceros) 

4. Tapir

5. Orang Utan

6. Sun Bear

7. Tenggiling (Pangolin) 

8. Wild Animals

9. Other batik motifs

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Watch this video to learn how to paint batik. A child as young as 2 years old can do it too! :)