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Kaabah Block Set

RM 149.00
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Preorder RM139 (valid until 19 December)

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Expected date to post out: 20 - 23 December 2021 (first payment basis)

The first Kaabah blocks. Designed and produced in Malaysia, the authenticity of the book is reviewed by renowned ustaz, in shaa Allah laugh

Know the Kaabah and its parts!

1. Hajarul Aswad

2. Maqam Ibrahim

3. Hijr Ismail

4. Yemeni Corner

5. Syami Corner

6. Iraqi Corner

7. The Door

8. Al-Mizab

At the same time, children will learn about the life story of Prophet Ibrahim, who built the Kaabah, with colorful story and fun activities in this book! 

This blocks set is worth to have for every muslim children as the blocks can be dismantled and rebuilt, this time with the animals in the Quran! heart

What animals your children will be able to build:

1. Spider (Al-Ankabut:41-43)

2. Bee (An-Nahl:69)

3. Elephant (Al-Fiil:1-5)

4. Ant (An-Naml:18-19)

5. Wolf (Yusuf: 17)

6. Whale (Al-Anbiya:87)

Parents may refer Quran together with your child.

Comes with manual too! Stay tuned!

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