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Eid Gift (Yasmin the Builder + DIY CreativiTEE Kit - Reach for the stars! )

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Eid Gift (Yasmin the Builder + DIY CreativiTEE Kit - Reach for the stars! ) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

1. Yasmin the Builder

Everyone seems to have a great idea for the makerspace project -- everyone except for Yasmin! All the good ideas are taken. Luckily, recess solves everything! Inspiration strikes and Yasmin creates something that brings the whole class together.

2 DIY CreativiTEE Kit - Reach for the stars!

Introduce your child to basic creative processing and inspire them to turn their ideas into reality. Encourage them to make their own choices is important in building their confidence. Hence, they should be given more opportunities to explore and be creative.

Parents, worry no more, your child can have the opportunity through DIY CreativiTEE Kit. Let's encourage self-confidence and expression through their own T-Shirt Design.  

Remember, put your emphasis on the process of creativity and not on the finished product.

DIY CreativiTEE Kit consists of:-

1) Two Monami Fabric Markers (excluding black marker. If you want to add black marker or more colours, click HERE

2) Instruction / Sketch Card

3) White T-Shirt:-

* Material: 100% Cotton

* Short sleeve

* Round Neck

Note: Before drawing, please place a piece of paper inside the t-shirt to prevent the ink from leaking through the backside of the t-shirt. 

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