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Gemstone Dragons 2: Ruby's Fiery Mishap Paperback

RM 29.90
Gemstone Dragons 2: Ruby's Fiery Mishap Paperback Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Perfect for fans of Unicorn Princesses, this sparkly new chapter book series stars a group of adorable dragons each with their own special gemstone magic.

In an enchanted world full of magical creatures, a group of Gemstone Dragons live in Sparkle Cave deep inside Mineral Mountain. Each dragon has a unique magical power that comes from their gemstone, and while the powers are fun, sometimes they get the dragons into trouble. But there's no problem the Gemstone Dragons can't overcome by working 

Ruby has a HUGE imagination. Sometimes her imagination causes her to worry about things that could go wrong. The more she worries, the harder it gets to control her fire power. But Ruby wants to do cool tricks like the other dragons! When an attempt at showing off turns into a minor forest fire, a young unicorn runs away in fear and is lost. Can Ruby master her worries, control her power, and find Canterlope?

Join this adorable group of dragons on an action-packed adventure filled with magic, friendship, and teamwork!


128 pages

Dimensions (cm): 12.9 x 19.7 x 0.90

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