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Early Readers Level 3: Patrick's Decision (Paperback)

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Early Readers Level 3: Patrick's Decision (Paperback) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Patrick the possum has to make an important decision. He does not know what to do and his friends try to help him.

LET’S READ! Early Reader Books make reading fun for children. The books are at three levels and colour coded. Children can progress confidently from one level to the next. The books are ideal for reading aloud; the stories and illustrations provide many opportunities for discussion and interaction with children, making reading a fun and memorable experience. Simple questions and a picture to draw at the back of each book enhance understanding and encourage related reading activities.

Level 1 Red (Ages 3-6): Up to 25 words per page; simple stories in short sentences and easy words.

Level 2 Yellow (Ages 5-7): up to 35 words per page; longer sentences and more vocabulary.

Level 3 Blue (Ages 6-8): 50 or more words per page; more complex stories, richer vocabulary.


16 pages.

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