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Combo Ramadan: What I Would Like for Ramadan + THE MONTH OF SHUKR + My Ramadan Journey

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Combo Ramadan: What I Would Like for Ramadan + THE MONTH OF SHUKR + My Ramadan Journey Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Combo set consists of 2 beautiful books written by Sidra Hashmani & Putri Tasneem and a box puzzle. Each product can be viewed here:

-What I Would Like for Ramadan


-Awesomely Good Manners: My Ramadan Journey

What I Would Like for Ramadan

The moon had been sighted, and this year, Daniel would be fasting his first Ramadan. Would he be able to make it? Come and join Daniel in his journey of learning the true meaning of the blessed month!

*What I Would Like for Ramadan* revolves around ten themes of the blessed month: fasting, good deeds, Qur’an, patience, kindness, giving, blessings and forgiveness, and learning.

With activities designed to promote mindful thinking in children, this story & activity book aims to introduce the young ones to the basic principles and the spirit of Ramadan and fasting.


73 pages. 

Find out about Ramadan The Month of Shukr HERE


Ruhi and Ibrahim are fasting for the first time in Ramadan! Find out how they spend their day, who they meet and how they learn the true meaning of the month of Shukr.

*Ramadan: The Month of Shukr* is a sweet story that teaches children, not just about gratitude but also a collection of related virtues and values like empathy, generosity, and more.

The illustrations are adorable and the hardcover binding is durable; the little ones will enjoy reading the book again and again!


24 pages

Find about activity book for Ramadan: What I would Like for Ramadan HERE

Awesomely Good Manners: My Ramadan Journey

Greet the blessed month with the children's puzzle "Awesomely Good Manners: My Ramaḍān Journey" from Anak Tertib!

This jigsaw puzzle has 40 giant pieces—great for the little hands to play with and arrange into a beautiful illustration with beneficial messages.

The bright colors and delightful characters keep the young ones entertained and inspired.

An informational booklet containing manners sourced from the Qur’an and ahadith is also included for parents and guardians to incorporate learning during the children’s playtime.


- 40 pieces
- 950-gram weight
- Glossy chipboard hardcover 1400gsm
- Complete Size: 594mm x 841mm

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