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COMBO: Raising Nature-Lovers by Anak Rimba

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COMBO of Raising Nature-Lovers by Anak Rimba consists of 3 beautifully written books, by Abyan Junus-Nishizawa and Farah Landemaine, who are also the founders of Asiana Chic. They both have a shared interest in promoting creative content that focuses on conservation awareness. 

The importance of protecting and preserving animals and environment is conveyed pleasantly using creative storytelling in these 3 books, in the language that young children can comprehend. The ultimate aim is to raise nature loving children and instil in them universal values such as kindness and respecting nature and animals. 

These books do not only help to develop oral language skill in your children, they help your children to understand the topics being discussed by providing related information at the back of each book too! Suitable to be read aloud to children from 0+ years to 7 years old, and perfect for read aloud activities in day cares and kindergartens (age 2+ - 6+). 

Learn more about each book from the link below:

Why Don't I Look Like You?

Let's Try Something New

A River for My Family

For the book of Why Don't I Look Like You? and Let's Try Something New, every RM1 of the profit will be donated to Animal Conservation. 

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