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Combo Arabic Learning

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Babies and young children learn best when they have warm, engaged and responsive relationships with their main carers - the parents and early childhood educators. Lots of time spent playing and interacting with carers and others helps children learn the skills they need for life – like communicating, thinking, problem-solving, moving and being with other people. 

This combo is specially created to introduce arabic alphabet to your sweetheart through storytelling - a way that is most beloved to young children. It consists of:

This combo consists of:

1. Kid's Box: Arabic Learning

Learn Arabic Words & Develop Observation Skills

Perfect for encouraging children to build vocabulary and language skills, Kid’s Box: Arabic Alphabet helps children grasp basic Arabic words, their formation, meaning and usage. Children will love discovering and learning new words to build Arabic vocabulary in a fun way while playing various games.

- A card game for 2 and more players

- Suitable for children 3 years and above

- Learn more than 300 Arabic words

- Improves memory and concentration skills

- A simple, fun-filled and educational game

- Challenge your brain in just 15 minutes

- Full of fun illustrations

- A perfect boredom buster for children

- Includes words from topics such as animals, home, school, fruits, and transport.

- Includes 56 double sided cards and a dice.

2. Arabic Alphabet Sound Puzzle

The world’s first wooden Arabic alphabet sound puzzle!

Replace the letter in the correct position to hear its name eg. Alif, Baa, Taa etc.

Replace the Pieces to Hear:

  • the name of the letter
  • the name of an animal or object beginning with the letter
  • the alphabet song in Arabic!

Learning Objectives

  • Letter recognition – helps children recognise the Arabic Alphabet
  • Listening – encourages children to listen to the sounds of the puzzle
  • Enhances vocabulary – children can learn 34 fun words in Arabic
  • Encourages hand eye coordination and pincer grip
  • Encourages independent play

A fun way to learn the Arabic Alphabet!

  • Suitable for children 3+ years
  • Made from quality wood
  • Includes 2xAAA batteries
  • Meets UK and European standards for Toy safety, EN71, CE

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