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COMBO : Stairway to Heaven Series (Board Book)

RM 190.00

This series introduces to a young child the sayings in Islam, in a way he/she can understand. He/she will slowly know when to use these sayings, by listening to the stories read to him/her, as well as listening to daily use by mommy/daddy.

Suitable for children age 0-5, especially for children below the age of 3 who are still curious to explore the functions of a book - these books are sturdy (board books), hence your child may explore the books independently (with less worry that your child will damage the book   ). 

Each book can also be purchased individually. Click link to purchase individual book:

By the Will of Allah ISBN 978-0-9873001-0-2 

Bismillah ISBN 978-0-9873001-1-9 

Masha-Allah ISBN 978-0-987001-2-6 

Subhan-Allah ISBN 978-0-9873001-3-3 

Alhamdulillah ISBN 978-0-9873001-4-0 

Assalamu Alaikum ISBN 978-0-9873001-5-7 

Jazakumu-Allah Khairan ISBN 978-0-9873001-6-4 

The Way to Allah (swt) is Through Rasul Allah (saw) ISBN 978-0-9873001-7-1

Hardback, 18 full coloured pages, 16x16cm