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50 Candles to Light Your Path

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Whoever looks at the message will see the light we have put on which cuts across a number of areas. Meanwhile one goal brings them together: how to improve the well-being of our sons and daughters; how to aid them towards threading the path of guidance to engender their excelling in their academic, work and other facets of life. It is also important that I mention that the light we have put on is general in description because it is a matter of general and equal effect on male and female you ones. There are some youth-related matters that I explained though they are scarce in the work. I also like to mention that the desired audience of this work are students of post-primary and post-secondary schools. This however does not leave out other students. For intense, intelligent students in the intermediate schools can also benefits from most of what is discussed just as university students will find some new and beneficial things in the work.