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The World Made A Rainbow

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Bloomsbury Children’s Books to publish uplifting picture book in response to COVID-19. 

A hopeful, heart-warming picture book from bestselling picture book author Michelle Robinson, inspired by rainbows that children across the world have created.

Michelle Robinson said: ‘I’m so glad that the words I wrote to comfort my own loved ones might provide hope and comfort to others. I’m really missing sharing stories in schools. I can’t wait until we’re all safely back together, making new memories, and this book becomes a piece of our shared history — a way of showing our children’s children what family life was like for many during lockdown.’

The World Made a Rainbow is a beautiful story with a moving message of staying connected to the people we love and understanding that rainstorms don’t last forever. It is perfect for even the youngest children, and will hopefully help them navigate the world we have found ourselves in. 

One day, a little girl wakes up in a changed and isolated world. She can’t see her friends. She can’t go outside. She can’t even go to school. She feels lonely and sad. But mum has a great idea – they’ll paint a big rainbow together and put it in the window to give hope to people passing by.

From missing friends, missing teachers and missing grandparents, The World Made a Rainbow tackles all of the challenges of life under lockdown for little ones whilst offering hope, comfort and solidarity. It’s a story that will be familiar to families of all shapes and sizes, and that will resonate with an entire generation for years to come.

The World Made a Rainbow will reassure and uplift – after all when every rainstorm ends, there’s always a bright, shining rainbow, and we all still have one another now, no matter how separate we might feel.

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