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Jungle Stories from Malaysia

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In 1898, Cambridge scholar Walter Skeat led an expedition into the Malayan forest. Skeat travelled deep into the interior of the forests to meet villagers and listened to their stories. There was then, and is still today, a Malay tradition in rural villages for a story teller to provide entertainment by reciting traditional tales. The tales were not written down in those days but passed from generation to generation by word of mouth.

84 pages.

Skeat went on to publish the stories he had collected under the title, Fables & Folk Tales from an Eastern Forest' in 1901. In his Introduction, Skeat wrote, "the writer prefers that this little book should be to others what it is to him, a delightful memorial of a most fascinating country and people."

This version has modernised the language using the original black and white illustrations as well additional illustrations. It's easy and fun to read and retelling, suitable for children as young as 9 years old as well as for adults.

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