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How Tiffy Found a Home (Paperback)

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One day, Jason finds a kitten that is looking lost and hungry. He asks Mum if he can take it home. Mum is not sure - they already have two cats at home. But Jason's love for the kitten wins the day. At home, Mum teaches Jasonm how to feed the little kitten, now called Tiffy. However, it's up to Tiffy to win the hearts of the two other cats in the house.

16 pages.

LOH WAN INN has an Ed.D in science education, an M.Ed., and an M.A. She has published books on education and preschool readers, and a book on environmental education for preschool educators for the Singapore Environmental Council.

GEORGE JACOBS has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and an M.A. in Linguistics. He is a keen advocate on reading aloud and has presented many workshops for teachers and parents on encouraging children to read.

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