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Good Little Deeds (I Say Collection with Nabil and Noura) Box

RM 98.00

Learn words that are loved by Allah and give your good manners a boost.

Available in the set:

  • I Say Alhamdulillah
  • I Say As-Salamu’Alakyum
  • I Say Bismillah
  • I Say Mashallah

I Say Alhamdulillah

Nabil and Noura are eating dinner. Afterwards, will they remember to say, ‘ALHAMDULILLAH!?’

I Say As-Salamu’Alakyum

Nabil and Noura are going to the park. Along the way Nabil greets the gardener and park ranger. Now Noura wants to say, ‘AS-SALAMU ‘ALAYKUM!’

I Say Bismillah

Nabil and Noura’s mum has made some cupcakes. OOOH, they look so tasty. Before taking a bite will they remember to say, ‘BISMILLAH?!’

I Say MashAllah

Nabil and Noura have gone camping with their dad. Wow! The view is beautiful. When looking at beautiful things their dad tells them to say, ‘MASHALLAH!’

Individual title in this series are also available:

I Say Alhamdulillah 

I Say As-salamu‘alaykum

I Say Mashallah

I say Bismillah