Reading Class, Reading Club and Special Programs.

At Muhsin Kids, we firmly believe in broadening children's learning horizons beyond traditional classrooms and textbooks. 

We recognize that a holistic understanding of the world is cultivated through a dynamic blend of book reading, hands-on learning experiences, expert insights, field visits and more. By integrating various educational elements, we aim to make children's learning not only comprehensive but also deeply meaningful. 

Dive into a world of educational excellence with our thoughtfully curated programs and classes, each offering a unique approach to learning:

1. Reading Class (we call it Reading with Meaning)

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Immerse your child in the enriching experience of 'Reading with Meaning,' our weekly reading class that goes beyond words, fostering a deep understanding of literature. Read more about our Reading with Meaning class here.

Feedback from Parents:

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Feedback #2

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2. Reading Club (The Wise Kids Club)

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Nurturing avid readers is an ongoing process that demands a consistent and thoughtful approach; while we avoid coercion, establishing a reading habit requires gentle encouragement. Our kids' reading club serves as that supportive push, providing a dedicated space for children to gather, discuss beloved stories, delve into their meanings through hands-on activities, and enhance their reading skills using proven strategies. With take-home books, children can extend their enthusiasm, fostering stronger parent-child bonds through shared interests and thoughtful conversations at home each day.

Parents' reflections on child's weekly read reveal the joy and pride they experience while witnessing the remarkable growth and development of their children throughout their active participation in the program:

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3.Special Programs

Explore the extraordinary with our 'Special Program,' meticulously designed to captivate young minds through innovative and engaging activities. At Muhsin Kids, we collaborate with organizations, experts, and practitioners to ensure the learning is authentic, more meaningful, and easy to understand.

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We are thrilled to showcase some of the impactful programs we have successfully conducted, achieved through dynamic collaborations with industry experts and practitioners, all aimed at delivering the best possible experiences for children:

1. Detektif Gigi, in collaboration with Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, lead by Dr Nor Atika Md Ashar, CSI Experience and GIATMARA Petaling Jaya Utara.

Feedback from Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, as one of the parents who enrolled their children in the program:

2. Pro (Little) Bakers, in collaboration with Cik Not, a seasoned baker with 16 years of industry expertise. 

3. Pizza Party by the River, in collaboration with Butik Roti Maria.

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