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  Ramadan Sadaqah Jar 

Saving some money for sadaqah can be a good way to instil the love to give in your child. Make it more fun by designing the jar, itself! 

Click link to download --> Ramadan Sadaqah Jar.pdf

Sadaqah Jar.png

  Sampul Duit Raya

Have fun preparing your own 'Sampul Duit Raya'! Artwork from @piszala.

Click link to download --> Sampul Duit Raya.pdf

Sampul Duit Raya.png

  Homemade chocolate play dough recipe.

You can make play dough by yourself. Here is the recipe we use to make chocolate play dough at home. And this recipe was specially made for children to do themselves. Try it out and have fun! 

Click link to download --> Recipe_Choc Playdough by Muhsin Kids.pdf.

Picture_Chocolate Playdough Recipe.jpg