Indeed, cultivating a love for reading and learning in children from a young age is crucial for their overall development and future success. 

Reading with Meaning by Muhsin Kids (2)Reading Club members read independently prior to book discussion session.

In Malaysia, as in many other countries, there are various challenges that parents may face in consistently reading to their children since infancy. Cultural factors, such as the lack of a strong reading culture, combined with modern distractions and work demands, can make it difficult for parents to prioritize reading sessions with their children.

Additionally, a lack of awareness about the benefits of early literacy and limited understanding of child development may further hinder parents from recognizing the importance of reading to their children.

Reading with Meaning by Muhsin Kids (4)Building bonds and sparking imagination - one story at a time.

However, it's essential to highlight the numerous benefits that children gain from being read to regularly, starting from infancy.

Research has consistently shown that early exposure to books and language significantly impacts a child's cognitive, linguistic, and socio-emotional development. By reading to their children, parents not only introduce them to new words, concepts, and ideas but also foster a strong parent-child bond and create positive associations with reading. 

Our Initiatives

In a dynamic effort to tackle these hurdles and ignite a fervent reading culture in Malaysia, MuhsinKids has embarked on a proactive journey, implementing strategic measures across multiple fronts since 2017:

1. Raising Awareness

Educating parents about the importance of early literacy and the long-term benefits of reading to their children through public awareness campaigns on social media, short workshops, and community outreach programs.

Reading with Meaning by Muhsin Kids (5)From consistent sharing on social media to physcial workshops with parents, we strive to raise awareness among Malaysians about the importance of reading with children from infancy.

2. Providing Resources

Engaging in reading sessions with young children entails the preparation of developmentally appropriate and visually captivating books tailored to their needs. When we commenced our journey in 2017, while such books did exist, their availability was limited. Furthermore, many parents lacked the know-how to effectively read these books to their children. Therefore, we took the pioneering step of curating a diverse collection of high-quality books from around the globe, facilitating easy access for both parents and educators.

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3. Support Parental Involvement

Equipping parents with resources and support to actively participate in reading activities with their children not only reinforces family literacy practices but also nurtures stronger bonds within the family unit. Through our parenting workshops and community-based programs, we empower parents to take an active role in their children's literacy development. During these engaging sessions, we immerse young children in captivating stories, followed by interactive hands-on activities designed to deepen their comprehension and enjoyment of the narrative. With parents present, we demonstrate effective reading techniques, showcasing the transformative impact of shared reading experiences on children's learning and development.

Reading with Meaning by Muhsin Kids (9)We collaborate with authors, illustrators, publishers, and various organizations to provide children with opportunities to experience and absorb knowledge directly from experts. 4. Integrating Literacy into Early Childhood Education

By teaming up with early childhood educators, we aim to underscore the significance of instilling a love for reading from the earliest stages of a child's life. Through a dual approach of integrating literacy-rich activities into preschool curricula and hosting workshops for parents, we ensure a comprehensive strategy to promote literacy. This collaborative effort between educators and parents not only enhances the effectiveness of the school's initiatives but also strengthens the partnership between parents and the school in meeting the diverse needs of children in language and literacy development.

Reading with Meaning by Muhsin Kids (10)The cornerstone of a successful early childhood program lies in fostering strong collaboration between parents and the school.

5. Comprehensive Book Sharing Program

We understand that choosing the right books for kids can be overwhelming for busy parents and educators. That's why we've partnered with schools to offer 'The Wise Kids Club' package. We handpick books tailored to each group's age and development stage.

But there's more! We don't just stop at book selection. We also provide detailed guidelines for educators and short workshops for parents. These sessions give valuable tips on reading to kids at home, making storytelling a part of everyday life.

And that's not all! Each child gets their own reading journal, helping them track their progress and explore their interests in different book genres. With our Comprehensive Book Sharing Program, we're not just giving out books; we're sparking a lifelong passion for reading and learning in every child we reach.

Reading with Meaning by Muhsin Kids (6)"If you're going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books," Roald Dahl.

6. Promoting Bilingualism

Similar to other developing countries, Malaysians have recognized the importance of acquiring English proficiency to keep up with the demands of the global economy. However, it's crucial to preserve the native language, Bahasa Malaysia, and ensure it isn't lost in the pursuit of becoming a developed nation. Therefore, our community programs, reading classes, and reading clubs promote the use of books in both languages interchangeably, fostering children's mastery of both languages.

MuhsinKids recently hosted an engaging Meet and Greet session in collaboration with esteemed Malay author from Singapore, Puan Maria Mahat. This initiative aims to bolster Malaysian children's proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia, fostering a deeper connection with our national language:

Parents' Feedback

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