Strengthening School-Parent Communication: A Vital Step in Teaching Children to Read (Part 2)

Strengthening School-Parent Communication: A Vital Step in Teaching Children to Read (Part 2)

Continuity from Part 1

3.  Regular Updates

Schools can ensure ongoing communication by providing regular updates on reading progress, classroom strategies, and ways parents can support reading at home. This communication can be facilitated through various channels, including WhatsApp groups or traditional methods such as communication books. Additionally, to foster a two-way exchange of information, teachers can implement a reading journal for each take-home book brought home by students. This journal allows parents to share notes and reflections, providing valuable insights for teachers to tailor each child's literacy path effectively.

An example of how parents are encouraged and given a platform to write reflections about the shared reading sessions they have at home with their children:

Muhsin Kids Bookstore (11)

Parent's reflections, written on the reading journals of our reading club members (Click HERE to learn more about Reading Club by Muhsin Kids).

"Communication breakdowns can lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and fractured relationships."

4.  Interactive Resources

Offering interactive resources, such as reading logs or online platforms, encourages parents to actively participate in their child's reading journey. This involvement enables parents to stay informed about their child's progress and capabilities, empowering them to provide support and intervention when needed.

An example of an easy-to-use interactive resource is the Scholastic World of English app, which we provide in our Reading with Meaning class. This app is specially designed for parents to support their children's understanding after each class, allowing them to engage with the material at home:


5.  Providing Resources.

Offering weekly age-appropriate take-home books for shared reading at home can greatly benefit parents in multiple ways. Not only does it alleviate the challenge of finding suitable books for their children, but it also supports parents facing economic constraints. Additionally, this practice educates parents on selecting the right books for their children in the long run, fostering a love for reading from an early age.

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Furthermore, the school can go the extra mile by recommending age-appropriate books and providing tips for making read-aloud sessions enjoyable and interactive for both parents and children, further enhancing the reading experience. We are confident that this added value will greatly assist in the process of raising readers, fostering meaningful memories between parent and child. Parents will be delighted and inclined to recommend your school to their friends and family, solidifying your reputation as an institution dedicated to nurturing young readers!

Here is an example of a weekly take-home kit, provided by us. Each kit consists of 3 books. The titles in each kit differ from one another:

Muhsin Kids Bookstore (12)

Contact us at +6010 - 452 9710 or email if you wish to learn more about take-home kits for schools. We named it The Wise Kids Club.

6.  Parent-Teacher Meetings

Schedule a parent-teacher meeting every quarter or twice a year to provide face-to-face updates on each child's progress. Facilitating open and collaborative meetings allows for discussions on reading progress, challenges, and strategies for improvement. This proactive approach fosters a strong partnership between parents and teachers, ensuring effective support for each child's reading journey.


In conclusion, effective school-parent communication is paramount for teaching children to read. By aligning efforts and educating parents, we eliminate misunderstandings and empower families to continue and reinforce reading practices at home. Through this collaborative approach, we can instill a lifelong love for reading in children, laying the foundation for their academic success and personal growth.

Are you interested in delving deeper into parent-school collaboration? Let's explore an effort conducted by Tadika Khalifah Intelek to ensure the stability and efficacy of a child's journey in learning to read.

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Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start with the efforts mentioned above? Don't worry! Just give us a buzz, and we'll be more than happy to assist you every step of the way!

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